All dogs that attend GSDCV Inc training grounds are required to be vaccinated and you should bring proof of your puppy’s current vaccination record;
To assist you in rearing a sociable, well-behaved, happy dog, the GSDCV Inc. is offering up to four free training sessions to help commence your pup/dog’s positive socialisation & training program.

You are not obligated to join the GSDCV Inc for these free training sessions but they must be completed by a validated date, which is 90 days from the date of puppy purchase.The sessions are redeemable at any of the eleven GSDCV Inc training branches.
This offer applies to owners who are not members of the GSDCV Inc.
Only puppies purchased from breeders who are financial members of the GSDCV Inc and the Victorian Canine Association(VCA) can participate in this program. The free training class certificate is supplied to you when you purchase your puppy.